A deposit will not be accepted until our puppy buyer questionnaire is completed.

Deposits are $500 which are non refundable, but transferrable, to any future breeding or stud service. Deposits will be refundable only if we caused death or irreparable injury to your puppy due to negligence. The full purchase price of all puppies is due by the age of 7 weeks. If you do not pay your puppy’s full purchase price by this time, we will acknowledge your deposit as transferrable and take another deposit on your reserved puppy.

If at any time the purchaser cannot care for the puppy, or needs to find her/him a new home, we will either take the puppy back or assist in finding a new home. At no time will ANY puppy received from us be surrendered to an animal shelter. We will incur all shipping costs to get any puppy safely back to us.


Please initial below each section, acknowledging that you understand and accept each set of terms.

In signing this contract, the purchaser agrees to all terms and conditions listed. Purchaser agrees to pay their puppy in full by the age of 7 weeks, take quality care of their puppy once received, follow vaccination and de-worming guidelines, and feed the puppy a quality GRAIN FREE diet as well as provide a constant supply of clean water.


Purchaser acknowledges that all dogs require monthly flea and heartworm preventative dispensed by a veterinarian. Dogs who are not given monthly flea and heartworm prevention are at risk of developing heartworm or flea infestations. Both of these issues can cause much harm to your puppy.


Purchaser acknowledges that French bulldogs are prone to certain health conditions, such as stenotic nares, cherry eye, allergies, elongated soft palate and hemi vertebrates. If any of these conditions are noticed, it is imperative that purchaser has the problem remedied by a veterinarian as soon as possible.


Purchaser acknowledges that deposits are only refundable should their puppy die or become irreparably injured due to our negligence.


Purchaser acknowledges that should their puppy not be paid by the age of 7 weeks, it is at our discretion to allow more time or to re sell the puppy. Purchaser acknowledges that a puppy will only be replaced should a veterinarian diagnose the puppy with a life threatening genetic or above listed ONLY condition by the age of 12 months.


Closing Notes and Signatures:

We sincerely hope you enjoy every moment with your new companion. We will be here at any time to answer any questions for the duration of your dog’s life. We will do our best to help you through any issues and to give you any guidance you need along the journey of being a Frenchie parent. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with a life long family member.

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